We started with the traditional RDBMSs and as soon as we stepped into the world of big data and data science, we realized that it can be quite challenging and intimidating for beginners, for it has much more to it than what one might actually think. Soon we realized the different verticals involved with the “Big Data” landscape, broadly they are – Data Engineering, Data Science/Analytics and Data Visualization. Each of these verticals requires its own set of skills and this is where it can be challenging.

With this blog, we aim at sharing our knowledge and experience as we learn the databases and big data concepts and technologies. We are always open to get feedback and suggestions, so if there’s something we can improve on, please let us know. We are passionate about databases and big data, and if you share the same passion, please feel free to connect with us. Together, we grow !!!

email : rideondata@gmail.com


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